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We just love ice cream!

Cate’s Ice Cream is conveniently located in Paramount, CA and is a must visit local for any ice cream, dessert lover, or anyone who wants to taste unique premium quality sweets with amazing variety.


After fine-tuning her craft in Thailand, Cate decided to never make a ‘regular’ dessert ever again. Inspired by Thailand’s obsessive and masterful ice cream and dessert preparation she completely dedicated her life to creating a high-quality ice cream shop with a menu that will please even the most discerning foodie. Cate strived to create a unique and unforgettable experience.

And just like the that, in 2017 Cate's Ice Cream was born. To this date, Cate’s Ice Cream provides original premium ice-cream and desserts with heavenly flavors based on Thailand’s ice cream making and dessert preparation techniques. The inspiring dessert menu features an unforgettably delectable selection of Thailand’s famous rolled ice cream, toast, snow ice, milk teas, smoothies, slushes, and even Dippin’ Dots.

Come visit Cate's Ice Cream where you’ll find warm customer service, exceptional quality, and a passion for sweets that your entire family will love.

Cate's Ice Cream
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